Quisnam Est Racing

Quisnam Est Racing
Quisnam Est - What we are working almost 2 years since the idea was born to get this deal finalized, it's VERY difficult them days to find a 6 digit US $ support.... We are almost there - and the main involved party allows us to talk about it - put like with the "BIG" teams nothing is set in stone in terms of what brand engine we will use to build on. There are not THAT many options obviously for the class we eying available. However, not even this is a given until now, fall of 2014.
The new Class 2 is still an option considered - it's pending on the funding.....
A look at the 2014 Baja 1000 starters list - 2 Class 8 entrance at beginning of October - explains itself how difficult it is to gain an funding with this little popularity.
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Sad, this used to be a prime class in SCORE desert off-road racing. Despite the few options nothing has been thrown out there yet since we are still brainstorming. We can say, it's narrowed down to 2 marques. News release regarding structure and schedule for 2015 race season participation as soon as the final decisions made.

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We are in process negotiating with additional supporters enlarging the initial brainstormed set-up.


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